Philosophy: The Imagine Program was constructed out of the belief that creativity helps heal the human spirit, and that lasting change can come from healthy and nurturing relationships.

Adult mentors who share common interests with young people can make a difference by helping to redirect destructive energy into creative, positive endeavors.

 Description: Under this program, at-risk youth are paired with professional visual and performing artists, musicians and filmmakers. The youth and their mentors work together for one year, collaborating on projects of mutual interest. Participants focus not only on the creative aspects of artistic production, whether it is painting, composing or documentary filmmaking; they also learn about the 'real world' business of marketing their work.

At the end of the year, all participants come together to present a multi-media production showcasing their work, thus connecting them with a larger audience within the community. This event takes place at the Sheldon Concert Hall.

The IMAGINE Arts Mentoring Program changes the course of lives by providing new opportunities to youth in trouble.

 Program Goals:

  Replace destructive tendencies with creative endeavors.
  Build self-esteem through a strength based program.
  Foster healthy nurturing relationships.
  Guide youth with educational and career opportunities in the arts.

What is an Artist Mentor and how do I become one?

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