What is an Artist Mentor and how do I become one?

 Individual Mentoring:  Artist Mentors and Apprentices are matched based on mutual artistic pursuits. The mentors will spend a minimum of 4-8 hours/month with their kids, attend monthly meetings and assist the apprentices in preparing for performances and showcases. Mentors come with the heart of a volunteer and when finances permit receive a stipend at the end of the year.

 Role:  Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship over time, through which an adult fosters the development of character, competence and esteem in a young person.

 What is a Mentor, anyway? A mentor is a caring adult who makes an active, positive contribution to the life of a child. By connecting with a young person, mentors help ensure he or she has a brighter future.
A Mentor IS:
a trusted friend
a guide
a good listener
a responsive adult
a reliable adult
A Mentor IS NOT:
a savior
a foster parent
a therapist
a parole office
a cool peer

 Why be a Mentor?
  • The best indicator of success for a child is a good relationship with a caring adult.
  • Young people with mentors are more likely to stay in school and aspire to better grades.
  • They are 46% less likely to get into drugs, and 73% of mentored teens will raise their goals.
  • It’s a life-changing experience for the young person, and for the mentor as well.
  • You don’t know in advance how rewarding it is going to be, so you’re worried about the responsibility of giving your time consistently. The irony is that once you start doing it, your apprentice will show you things about life that you had forgotten.

  • Call Viva Vox to schedule a phone interview (314) 443-8482
  • Fill out an Application and a Conviction Record Release and Child Abuse and Neglect Form.
  • Read and understand the IMAGINE Arts Mentoring Program Mentoring Information and sign a contract in the presence of the youth and the director. (We are big on committment and follow-through).
  • Orientation and training workshop.
  • Spend 4-8 hours/month with youth

  • Help youth make and attain monthly goals
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Journal progress of youth
  • Perform or donate artwork for the end of the year performance at the Sheldon or help with fundraising activities

 Educational and Career Counseling:  Talent agents and artist development professionals will be able to assist any child who shows talent and desire upon completion of the program. A stipend in the form of instruments, supplies and/or scholarships will be awarded for each child completing the program.

 Youth Performances and Projects:
  • Earth Day 2006, Sunday April 23 Forest Park (time and stage TBD). Watch as our new performers take to the stage for the first time in a showcase of newly acquired skills of acting, drumming and hip hop dance and rap.
  • Graduation Celebration at the Sheldon Concert Hall May 8th, 2006. A multimedia event that showcases music, rap, circus arts, drumming, hip hop dance, visual arts, a gallery showcase, and a silent auction.
  • Gateway to Peace Parade, Monday, May 29th, 2006. The IMAGINE Arts Participants will be the Grand Marshalls for the Peace Parade with JOIA. The Parade begins at First Science Divine Church, 3617 Wyoming, and ends in Tower Grove Park where there will be a picnic.

     Fundraising Events:  Proceeds from ticket sales supporting the Graduation Event will help continue the program in future years.

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